We are breeders of Canaan Dogs, and we are Rhodesian Ridgeback enthusiasts and exhibitors. We are located in New England, just a little south of Boston.  With this website, we want to share with you our passion for for dogs, introduce ourselves and our dogs to you, and we hope to begin a wonderful relationship with you.

Our Canaan Dog breeding program is done in partnership with and under the guidance of Relic Canaan Dogs.


Every responsible dog breeder should put the goal of improving their breed first and foremost.  American shelters euthanize several million dogs a year, so there is no reason to breed dogs purely for the purpose of producing more dogs.  A reputable breeder has a goal for each planned litter, aiming to improve the breed they are involved with, whether that is through improvement in health, improvement in temperament, or improvement in breed type.  Reputable breeders carefully make choices for their breeding program that further those goals.

Our first commitment is to the health of our puppies.  All health clearance test results are made public on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website, and they are linked to from the individual pages for each dog involved in our program.  While testing alone cannot guarantee future health, testing does provide valuable and important information about the health our dogs at the time of the testing.  Genetic screening is one of the best tools we have for reducing the incidence of inheritable diseases.

Our second commitment is to the temperament of our puppies.  Our dogs were carefully chosen from breeders who, as we do, place an emphasis on producing dogs with stable and friendly temperaments.  With the expert guidance of our co-owners and co-breeder, we have chosen dogs who will further improve on this foundation.  We choose to use a deep socialization program for our puppies so we can provide them with the best start possible for their journey into the wider world.

Lastly, we are committed to producing sound dogs who adhere as closely as possible to the written AKC standards for their breeds.  We compete regularly in conformation.  We have carefully studied the virtues and the faults of our dogs, and we have discussed them with long-time experts in our breeds as well as submitted them to independent, third party appraisal from breed judges in the conformation ring.

Our hope — our goal — is to produce puppies who will be a joy to own, who will live long, healthy, happy lives with their families, and to be supportive of their relationships with those families.