2018 Plans

If you are interested in acquiring a Canaan Dog puppy from Aurin Kennel, or if you want to learn more about our breeding program and how we raise our puppies, email us at and we will contact you personally.

We tentatively have plans for late 2018 in conjunction with our mentor at Relic Canaan Dogs, and we will update this page when as plans get closer to fruition.

New to the world of pedigreed dogs?  Start here.

If you have never gone through the process of purchasing a dog from a serious, reputable breeder, then we need to have a discussion about expectations:  yours and ours.  We need you to understand that our responsibility is to our puppies and their needs first.  We work very hard to make sure each puppy is placed in the home that is the best match for that puppy, and what that means for you is that you will not get to pick your own puppy from one of our litters.  We spend eight to ten weeks raising each litter, observing each puppy carefully, prepping them with deep enrichment, early neurological stimulation, training, and socialization so that when your puppy goes home with you, you and that puppy have the best possible footing possible as you start your new life together.  We cannot promise to accommodate preferences for cosmetic issues such as color (black, red, yellow, brown) or patterning (solid, solid with white trim, or patched, with or without ticking).  Color and pattern in Canaan Dogs has no bearing on health, temperament, or structure.  All allowed colors and patterns are judged equal to every other allowed color and pattern.


Our waitlist is for one puppy from one specific litter, not for one specific puppy from a given litter.  After you have submitted an application for a puppy and we have completed our screening process, you will be told whether or not you have been accepted on the waitlist for the next planned litter.  If you have strong opinions on color and pattern, the time to bring that up is during the screening.  Once you have been accepted on our waitlist, our expectation is that you will not enter into discussions with other Canaan Dog breeders for the purposes of being placed on to their waitlists as well.  Being in our waitlist means we expect to be placing a puppy with you because we think you would make a superior home for one of our puppies.  Once we close the waitlist for that litter, we will work with any subsequent applicants to help them find other excellent Canaan Dog breeders who are planning litters.


We do not take initial deposits until after the puppies are born and are approximately one week old.  The initial deposit is non-refundable, except in the event that we determine that none of the puppies in a litter are suitable for your home.  A second deposit toward the total purchase price is required at four weeks of age, and the remainder of the purchase price must be paid by eight weeks of age.  No puppies will be placed except that the full purchase price has been paid in advance of placement, and no refund of the initial deposit will be given except for the reason stated above.

Breeding Canaan Dogs is still more of an art than a science, and even though we get an ultrasound and radiographs to give us an idea of how many puppies to expect in the litter, anything can happen before puppies are born, and (tragically) during the first week of life.  Puppies can be reabsorbed by the dam if they are not developing correctly.  There can be stillbirths.  The newborn puppies are fragile and early illness can be devastating for a litter.  Additionally, puppies may not be in the color or pattern you were hoping for.  Breeding a black dog to a red dog does not guarantee that there will be black puppies or red puppies.  They may be all black, all red, or a mix.  For this reason, we cannot promise to accommodate preferences for color and patterns.

Deposits do not guarantee you a place in line (we do not operate first come, first served), or a specific pick (because we choose the puppy that we believe is best for your home).


Puppy placements are not guaranteed prior to structure and temperament evaluations performed around seven to eight weeks of age.  During those evaluations, our determinations will be made for puppies who have the potential to be competitive in dog sports such as conformation, agility, or obedience, and those puppies who we believe will do best in a home where they will be beloved and treasured pet.  There is no discount given for sport or pet placements.  No one puppy is a drop-in replacement for any other puppy; each are unique and individual in structure, temperament, bounce-back, and drive.  After evaluations, we will make final placements for each puppy.  While we hope that our puppies will go on to have successful careers in dog sports, we understand the world of eventing is not to the taste of everyone, and that some families are looking for a beloved pet first.  We treasure all our puppy families, whether or not you intend to compete or not.