New Grand Champion

A brown dog trots next to a woman in a gray skirt and red jacket.

Pending AKC confirmation, Loki is a new Grand Champion following this weekend’s wins.

CH County Line’s Thor’s Echo, “Loki”
(By By BIS GCH Kuluta Along the Watchtower – County Line’s Sweet as Pie)

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Albany Kennel Club
Springfield MA
October 21, 2017

Troy Kennel Club
Springfield MA
October 22, 2017

(Photo from October 1, 2017 Westford, MA UKC show.  Credit Smiling Wolf Photography.)

Loki cleans up on the Cape

A brown dog on a black background.

CH County Line’s Thor’s Echo, “Loki”
(By By BIS GCH Kuluta Along the Watchtower – County Line’s Sweet as Pie)

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South Shore Kennel Club
East Falmouth MA
September 15, 2017

Award of Merit
South Shore Kennel Club / NERRC Regional Specialty Show
East Falmouth MA
September 16, 2017

Award of Merit
Cape Cod Kennel Club
East Falmouth MA
September 17, 2017

(Photo Credit Steven Moore Photography.)

Levi is looking for his forever home

Black and white puppy on grass.

We are temporarily boarding Levi, a Canaan Dog from another New England litter, for extra socialization and training while he seeks his forever home.  Levi has been started on housebreaking, gets along well with my four dogs, has been introduced to crate training, and is litter box trained.

Parties interested in adopting Levi should contact Relic Canaan Dogs and submit an application.

Nine weeks: Scarlett has left the building

Two puppies in pens.

The puppies are now nine weeks old, and Scarlett has left to start the next phase of her life!  She is going to live in Connecticut.

Today the puppies went to visit Amy’s home for their final socialization party.  They were introduced to several new adult Canaan Dogs and two Canaan Dog puppies from other New England litters, an Irish Wolfhound puppy, several new adults and pre-teen boys, and free range chickens.  The chickens rated highest in the opinion of the puppies.

With Scarlett leaving, we had room to pick up a temporary boarder:  Levi the Canaan Dog puppy will be staying with us for a short time so he can get some extra socialization before going off to his new home.  With his visit, we re-arranged a bit and cut down the large weaning pen into two smaller bachelor apartments for the boys.  They are old enough to start housebreaking and they spend much of their time out in the yard or romping around our combined kitchen and dining room, with brief forays into the living room, so the large pen is now too small to provide them with adequate exercise space.  The bachelor apartments are perfectly sized to allow them to experience sleeping and eating alone while still keeping another dog nearby, and they contain their crate as well as a litter box.  Keeping the litter box handy allows the puppies to utilize an appropriate place if they need to potty, but still lets them keep their den (the crate) clean.

Six weeks update

The 2017 Harvest x Clover litter is now six weeks old.  They have graduated from a whelping box to a weaning pen.  They are eating solid foods.  They have had two puppy parties at our home (one at five weeks that introduced them to several toddlers and young children, and one for adults only), and they have gone on their first field trip.  They visited Nathan’s office in Boston, where they met several of Nathan’s co-workers and two young girls, plus they were carried through one block of Boston’s busy Innovation District, giving them the opportunity to see crowds and traffic.  They are very good at using their litter boxes, which keeps their pen very clean (and is a relief to us).

Puppies are now three weeks old

Two sleeping Canaan Dog puppies.

Gio and Scarlett are now three weeks old.  They are developing exactly as they should be.  So far they have been introduced to six adult women and two adult men, as well as three adult male dogs (my Ridgebacks).  They have been given toys to play with, and opportunities to explore outside their whelping box inside their exercise pen, as well as freedom to explore our kitchen.  The first two weeks of life, puppies are basically little furry potatoes.  They don’t do much more than eat, sleep, and grow.  However, once eyes and ears start to open at 10-14 days, they become interactive and begin exploring their environment.  At three weeks, and through twelve weeks, the puppies are in a critical socialization period, and we work hard to introduce them to as many novel stimuli as possible, as well as starting them on the important skills of housebreaking, leash walking, clicker training, and sport foundations.

As we follow the Puppy Culture program, during this third week the puppies will be introduced to solid foods and a litter box inside their whelping box, and for the next two weeks we will be stimulating their startle and recovery reflex multiple times a day by making loud noises (such as dropping books or metal bowls, starting vacuum cleaners near the whelping box, or introducing toys that make noise or move).  They will also experience one-on-one enrichment opportunities to help prepare them for life apart from the litter in their new home.