Puppy Raising

The first day home with a puppy is usually a joyous occasion.  Puppies are relentlessly adorable, your puppy is brand new to you and everything he does is oh-so-cute.

And then the reality sets in.  Your puppy is an eating, peeing, pooping machine, and the puppy’s entire life revolves around “what can I fit in my mouth?”  He barks.  He digs.  He shreds.  He pees on everything, poops on everything, screams at your neighbors, and generally makes the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons look like a dream.

Here are some resources that can help.  We’ll show you what we’ve done to try and make your life easier, and what you can do to survive the next eight months and come out on the other end with a valued family companion.

Before Your Puppy Goes Home With you

Learn about early neurological stimulation, deep puppy socialization, where your puppy will grow and learn and prepare for the new life with you.  Find out how we will choose which puppy is the best match for you, and what we do so our puppies have the best start we can give them.

Before you bring your puppy home

After You Bring Your Puppy Home

Learn how to survive potty training, teething, socialization.  What to expect in your first month, first six months, and for the rest of your puppy’s life.  Where to go if you have questions or need help.

Raising a new puppy