After You Get Your Puppy

We want to be a resource to you, and we are available at any time with questions or concerns about your puppy.  This page is intended to be a listing of resources we find are universally helpful for raising puppies.  These are the same materials that we have used in our own puppy raising and dog training.

Puppy Culture

The same Puppy Culture program that we used in the first three months of your puppy’s life is also going to be a great resource for you over the next few years.  We strongly recommend that you buy and watch the video before you bring your puppy home, and review it as necessary after you have the puppy with you.

Free e-Books

Ian Dunbar has written two excellent “how-to” manuals for puppy raising, and they do a much better job at explaining normal puppy challenges like teething, housebreaking, and socialization than we can here on our website.  Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, here are the best free puppy raising manuals that we are aware of.

Before You Get Your PuppyBefore You Get Your Puppy (PDF)





After You Get Your PuppyAfter You Get Your Puppy (PDF)





Helpful Literature

For a deeper dive into canine psychology as well as some topic-specific help, I recommend the following books:

The Other End of the Leash

Patricia McConnell takes on the task of illustrating how dogs are not just people in little furry suits, and explains where we differ in our perceptions, cognition, and emotions.  This book is extensively footnoted with scientific literature, and we have read it multiple times.

The Puppy Primer

Also by Patricia McConnell, this book is a how-to guide to raising a puppy.  Specifically aimed at addressing puppy problems, it covers normal puppy challenges like teething, walking on leash, housebreaking, and socialization.

The Culture Clash

Jean Donaldson’s classic book presents positive, dog-friendly training advice in a breezy, easy-to-read format.  Take on challenges like puppy biting, pulling on leash, and housebreaking, and come out on the other end with a well-mannered, well-trained canine companion that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

YouTube Videos

We like Kikopup’s video series for learning mark-and-reward (“clicker”) training for basic skills like sit, down, stay, coming on recall.  If you prefer learning via video, rather than books, this is the place for you.