Before You Get Your Puppy


Your new puppy has been raised in our home, where the litter can be exposed to all the normal hustle and bustle of every day life.  Your puppy has seen and heard all the things in our home that they will see and hear in your home:  dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, televisions, telephone ringing, people and dogs.

Your puppy has been handled every single day of their life.  They’ve had deep enrichment in the form of new toys and obstacles.  They’ve been worked with as a group, and individually so that each puppy has had the opportunity to learn how to problem solve and to take initiative for overcoming simple challenges.  They’ve grown up in a safe, warm, welcoming environment with age-appropriate toys and features.

Prior to going to your home, your puppy will be started on potty training, crate training, walking on a leash, and for puppies destined for show and performance homes, they will be started on the behaviors needed for the show ring and performance rings.  All puppies will start basic mark-and-reward (“clicker”) training before going to their home with you.

Early Neurological Stimulation

Between days 3 and 16, your puppy has participated in a program for early neurological stimulation, developed by Dr. Carmen Bataglia, Ph. D.  This early stimulation of the nervous system results in puppies with stronger heart rates and stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, an increased resistance to disease, and an increased tolerance for stress.  Puppies who have been given early neurological stimulation are more resilient than puppies who have not been given early neurological stimulation, and they are more persistent in their problem solving attempts.

Puppy Culture

Your puppy’s litter has been raised using the guidelines developed by Jane Killion for her Puppy Culture program.  Puppies raised using the Puppy Culture  program are given deep enrichment opportunities and age-appropriate emotional resiliency exercises, resulting in puppies that are well-prepared for their new life with you.

Socialization Parties

Your puppy will have multiple opportunities to interact with strangers before they come home with you.  We arrange a special socialization party specifically to introduce your puppy to gentle, well behaved toddlers before they enter the early fear period stage of development, so your puppy has a good experience with toddlers and small children before they ever even go home with you.  We also have a puppy socialization party with experienced, dog-savvy breeders and dog trainers, followed by a “dinner party” for the people involved, so your puppy can be exposed to the sounds of company in the home and parties with loud talking, eating, and adult interactions.  Finally, we have socialization parties for local puppy parents, so that you have an opportunity to meet all the puppies in the litter and get to know each little puppy on their own terms.


Puppy evaluations are held between 7 and 8 weeks of age, and no puppy placements are made before 8 weeks. Most puppies go to their new home between weeks 10 and 12.  During the puppy evaluations, experienced breeders will examine your puppy’s structure and conformation, and evaluate their temperament and response to novel people, environments, and stimulation (like a suddenly opening umbrella).  This evaluation caps off the eight weeks of observation we have had with the litter, and will aid us in making the best possible home placement for each puppy.  We want each puppy to be as successful as possible in their new home, and that means making sure we match puppies with shy or softer temperaments with homes that have lower activity levels, and those puppies who are more robust and outgoing will go to homes with higher amounts of daily hustle and bustle.